Week 1: Two Fictitious Characters

I’m so unlike Jessica in all aspects – My eyes narrowed to crinkled slits to her big brown almond eyes; my bushy eyebrows merging into one and sometimes my eyes crossed in exasperation because of my long eye lashes to her “pretty as a picture” face; my being so mischievous that I was punished on our first day of school for biting a boy’s ear to her quietness and being obedient; and my jovialness to her being wise beyond her years. She never really needed to talk because I’m always there, telling them I want an ice-cream and can they give one to her, too? And while I can easily mock and taunt the others, I’m always afraid of making fun of her especially when her big brown eyes give me that “don’t you dare” look. Our being dissimilar cannot keep us apart. We’re the best of friends. Where one goes, the other follows. She whispers to me the answer when our teacher asks me something and I haven’t had a clue of what it was about. I gladly illustrate 2 sketches because she cannot draw. She shares her sandwich with me and we eat it together with our drinks. And I always walk her home, even though my house is on the opposite side of town.

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