Shaken and Stirred with Granny

Shaken and Stirred

We’ve just got married and his parents invited us for the weekend. I volunteered to cook for Saturday lunch. That was also the day his Granny visited them. His parents were worried that Granny won’t like Asian food because she’d only had British food, which was meat plus two vegetables. She said she’d try. I prepared rice, stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts and some prawns and for dessert – leche flan (crème caramel). The weather was gorgeous so we ate in the garden. I couldn’t forget her comments during the meal. “What’s that wormy things?” (she meant the prawns). “Something’s not cooked on this plate!” (the nuts). And she turned to my husband and asked: “Is this all she’s giving you – not a potato on the plate? No wonder you’re losing weight!” I didn’t mind really, but my parents-in-law were embarrassed, they kept on apologising to me.

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