Ice, Water, Steam


Ice, Water, Steam
For this week’s writing challenge, take on the theme of H2O. What does it mean to be the same thing, in different forms?

Our garden full of snow, so deep it’s hard to shovel
But fun to build a snowman and go sleighing up the hill
Or skating on ice, that’s when we’re having fun
For until it gets written, memory’s short-lived
But all that was there were bits and pieces
Reality through the brain is the world short-sieved
Family, relationship, principle and education
They’re the solid part of my life.

Water in the streams, lakes, oceans and rain
They’re everywhere, covering 71% of Earth’s surface
Very important for all forms of life, birds and bees
Only God knows, where we would be without water
The liquid part of me is memories and experience
As I grow up, good or bad, lessons I learned
Fundamental for survival on this Earth.

Water changes from liquid to gas at 100 degrees
It’s called evaporation, so water becomes steam
The clouds in the sky, suspended in the air
Or the steam when the water in the kettle boils
My temperament, my character, my wisdom, my skills
They’re invincible, they must be the steam of my life
Ice, water, steam, as they go around in a cycle
So as our life, as we experience past, present, future.


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