Story Starter: The Storm

The wind howled through the window. The girl sat huddling her knees waiting for the storm to be over. She wanted to go to her parents’ room but she heard them fighting. So she returned to her room quietly. “What is it this time?” she asked herself. The last time this scene happened, her Dad left their house the next morning. That was the most miserable three months in her life. Her Mum pretended to be brave and carried on as if nothing happened. But in the evenings, she could hear her sobbing in her room. Jake’s bedwetting started, and at the same time, some new teeth coming to Baby Ella which made her cry all the time. And as for her, she couldn’t concentrate on her lessons. She seemed to be bursting in tears upon any slight provocation. She tried to help her Mum by doing some house chores and looking after the little ones. They were getting used to their routine when her Dad returned, very apologetic. Her parents had a long conversation, complete with shouting and crying and in the end, they hugged and kissed. Her Mum forgave her Dad and her Dad promised not to leave them again. Life started to be normal and happy again in the Smith’s house. Jake stopped bedwetting and joined their local football club. Baby Ella got all her teeth and started walking and talking. And as for her, she started having A’s again and joined the choir and hip-hop dancing. They also planned their holiday this summer – they were going to Disneyland! So as she waited for the storm to be over, she also hopes that the fighting will end, too.


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