Wordle Prompt #43 – Marcia


It was a lovely autumn afternoon. Marcia went hiking and saw jagged cliffs, rolling tundra and some scarecrows on her way. The countryside is ablaze with colour in autumn. It made her forget her misery, of how John after 15 years of marriage, has ditched her in favour of that 26 year old glamour model. She could imagine them in their typical perversity involving a padlock and a whip somewhere. “Stop torturing yourself,” she reprimanded herself. She always knew that John has an affinity to new adventures. It could also be that this was just an example of him going through his midlife crisis. Anyway, it was all over for them and they are now living parallel lives. “Let him carry on with his life and I’ll concentrate on mine,” she persuaded herself. By now, the light had faded and dusk was advancing. She was getting hungry. As she went back to her car, she was planning her meal for tonight – lasagne and apple strudel with currants and a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. And then she would have a nice long bath, complete with scented candles and soft music. She was looking forward to that.



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