BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond: Clarity Pyramid

* The Clarity Pyramid has seven lines.
* The first line has one syllable, the second line has two syllables, the third line has three syllables … etc., on to the eighth line which has eight syllables.
* The poem has three stanzas (or paragraphs): three lines, then three lines, then one line. (A set of three lines in poetry is called a triplet.)
* Formatting: The Clarity Pyramid is center-aligned (so as to look sort of like a pyramid). Make your first line bold, in capital letters. Put your final line in quotation marks. The title of your poem is your first line – that one-syllable word.

* The first line is the subject or focus of your poem; the second and third lines are either synonyms for the title or they help clarify the subject. (In Marie’s poem, “paint”, with its synonyms, “pigment” and “colorings”.)
* The second stanza is a life event centered around the first stanza. (The paint in a special room from Marie’s childhood.)
* The last line redefines the first line. (Marie redefines “paint” as “”milky morsels plucked from rainbows”.)


Male child
Brings joy to us

One and only one
He’s got a heart of gold
He has grown up and left home

“We’re so proud of what he has been”

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