My Mom and I – Writing Prompt #90: Proverb

“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

This idiom has always terrified me. I was reluctant even to have children just encase I would “turn” on becoming a parent into someone I did not recognize (into a monster). For others this idiom is reassuring as their caretakers are/were positive role models. I want you to explore the ways in which you are like your family (blood relations are unnecessary just choose the people who raised you and/or influenced you the most growing up). Try not to focus exclusively on the negative or exclusively on the positive, aim for a balanced perspective.



Let me start with this
Although we are different
My Mom and I are the same
Same focus, both cool
We’re not so good in business
Or being tidy
Sometimes we forget some things
It doesn’t matter
When it comes to having fun
We know what to do
The town is always painted
Red, blue or yellow
That’s why I miss her so much
Would do anything for her

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