The Blind Date

The table was elegantly laid. The pumpkin soup was prepared. The lamb was roasting in the oven and the vegetables were ready to be steamed. Michael was waiting for Henry and Sally. They were bringing with them his blind date – Georgia. They arrived and he was already in love with gorgeous Georgia. He wanted everything to be perfect that evening. The starters went well. He went to the kitchen to finish cooking the meal. As he presented the roast lamb, the conversation stopped. Sally nudged her husband and whispered: “Didn’t you tell him Georgia was a vegetarian?” (97 words)

10 thoughts on “The Blind Date

  1. Oops, Henry forget something important. Well, let’s hope Georgia’s a good sport about it, enjoys the rest of the meal, and likes Michael a lot. It may be okay. Well done, Lady Lee Manila. 🙂 — Suzanne

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