Adya – Three Word Wednesday #411

Good timing
Adya was perfect
What we need for the project
She needs to agree

She’s Adya
A girl from Kolkata
Here’s a deal
For the film
Amicable agreement
That is all to it

So we start
Shooting the project
What a star
Glad to film
We found a rough diamond
We’re all satisfied

Adya’s unrefined manners, her boisterous character and her “don’t mess with me” attitude was perfect for the character role they were planning to make in Kolkata. They were thinking of doing something like the “Slumdog Millionaire” sort of film and they were in the process of recruiting casts. Since Adya was still a minor, Director Smith was talking to her father. They should have an amicable agreement for him to allow his daughter to be in the cast. It was going well, until one frivolous remark made by Director Smith, and the whole deal was off.

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