“Love Is In Da Blog” ~ Brothers and Sisters


Brothers and sisters, who would I be without them?
The electrons sprang around between the freaks
The gummy bears and hula hoops chewed on them
Nicotine was destroying your lungs as we speak
They were my playmates, my comrades, my secret keepers
As we cheered each other and shouted ‘Go man – Go!
We loved waking up to the smell of bread from the bakers
Especially when the paths all covered with snow
We had a lovely childhood, with other cousins
I only wish to see them at least one more time
Though we are different and live apart, we’re still close
When words of such nonsense numb the ears of serenity
Went through the eyes and through the nose
Have often spent doubled over in glee and joviality
So don’t mess with them, if you don’t want to be messed
I watched “Steel Magnolias” and had a good cry
Getting the most of life, that is leased
You see pig dance and fly and cry



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