Tikbalang – Writing Prompt # 95 – Phantasmagoria

The Jabberwocky, as illustrated by John Tenniel for Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass

From the foot of an old balete tree
Stood the half-man half-horse Tikbalang
The ogre of the night, his eyes glow red
Gives off a reek of burning hair when angry
He is the custodian of elemental empire
In this dark sparsely populated, mangrove area
He has been sent to earth from indeterminate state
He likes scaring travelers and leading them astray
Where they go back to an arbitrary path
No matter how far they go or where they turn
He can also transform into human or be invisible
So watch out when he befriends you, he’s very tricky
He easily lose his temper when you give a wrong answer
That’s when he gobbles you up or makes you disappear
On one of his walks, he met monster Jabberwocky
They became friends and try to hoax travelers
Two charlatans that’s what they truly are
They fell in love that was a revelation
And so one day it rains on a clear blue sky
Tikbalang and Jabberwocky getting married


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