O Lovely Drawer!

Writing 201: Drawer
What’s in your drawer? Let’s praise it (to its face) with odes and apostrophes. Hello, Day 8!
Prompt: ode
Device: apostrophe

O lovely drawer, you’re so beautiful
Full of different spices for our cooking
Without you our food would be tasteless
Just add the right spice and voila! Magic!
Be it for curry, stew, pizza or adobo
You always provide us with the right stuff
So here we are admiring you for your beauty
As well as for being so smart in the kitchen
O lovely drawer we bought you in Regensburg
In a nice shop at the city centre, you were there
Amidst all the other bits and pieces in a corner
You entice us with your vibrant colours
Choosing the right spice for each drawer
Is such a joy, we have to think of priorities
Which ones we use the most, chillis, peppers
Basil, Italian herbs, cardamom, cinnamon
Tarragon, paprika and turmeric – they made it!
O lovely drawer, we owe our delight to you
You add spices to our lives!


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