5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge, Day 3


A potter at work in Bangalore
As he drifts in a dream to the shore
He forms the clay into essential shape
Finding, inexplicably, a roll of sticky tape
He kneads it to ensure even moisture content
God knows why there is rabbit’s undergarment
He shapes the clay as it turns on potter’s wheel
The pancake of poverty, how does it feel?
The clay highlighted before or after firing
Why they do, to me, it’s certainly baffling
He heats it to certain high temperatures
The pleasant path to happiness, for sure
This eliminates all water from the clay
Oh, doing all these on such glorious day


Welcome to Five Days Challenge. To participate in the Five Days Challenge, we are asked to post five photos, one per day for five days, and write five stories, one for each day. We are to nominate a person each day that we post. Hope you accept to join the fun! Today, I nominate http://kosheradobo.com/. This challenge is not mandatory and can be refused. Have a nice day everyone.

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