Chez Costanzo – Challenge 2015 Week 9

Eating Out by Unknown
Eating Out by Unknown

Egon Bland parked his old Cadillac in front of the restaurant. This is his 60th restaurant. Normally, he goes to different factories or buildings. He travelled all over the country – on sandy beaches, in the city centres and in places where sometimes there were no electricity. This restaurant is a charming Italian one near the marina.

“Good morning, Mr. Bland, nice to see you again,” greeted Costanzo, the owner.

“Good morning, I hope you followed what I advised you to do from my last visit,” said Egon.

“Of course, we did, Mr. Bland. Come and see,” as Costanzo led Egon to the premises.

Egon inspected the area, ticked the ones he thought were an improvement from the last time he was here and let Costanzo signed the form informing him that the restaurant has passed the inspection and clear to carry on with the business.

Costanzo was pleased and invited Egon to have a meal on the house. “We just have this freshly caught fish and our chef can cook it to perfection, ” announced Costanzo proudly.

“Thanks, looking forward to it. As Pablo Picasso said, If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes. I have to add nose and mouth to that. Cheers, Costanzo!”


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