Writing 201: Future

Day 10 has arrived: let’s end the course with a bang. Sonnets, chiasmus, the future — en garde!
prompt: future
form: sonnet
device: chiasmus

You came two months earlier, we were worried at first
But then you have 10 fingers, 10 toes; our little bundle
Your hair sticks like a hedgehog, you have my eyes
Your dad’s nose, you pointed with your lips like your lolo

Karate, football, kung fu, guitar, you went through them
I didn’t mind being your taxi from one activity to the next
You have lots of friends, sometimes they stayed the night
You said no alcohol, no cigarettes in contrast with your friends

Soon you left for college, we were sad at first
With skype, text messages, emails and wats up
You kept us updated and we could tell you’re happy

The world is your oyster, the future in your hands
What’s next we never know; we don’t know what’s next
We’re always behind you and we’re so proud of you, son


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