Was That a Madcap? – Wordle #50

When we react too soon, was that a madcap?
When the victim howls in pain, that’s a mishap
The uncertainties continued to gnaw on me
Whether or not I like a flagellation done on me
It’s my craven fearfulness in the force of power
I know life is like a big sausage, full of flowers
When the lad pretends to have an aureole
And there goes the story of OJ and Nicole
It’s an accident in the offing to happen
I purchase lots of things. It just happens
Shop till I drop, that’s probably a madcap
Help; get me out of this severe strap
I don’t stop till my shoe shelf is full
And hundreds of shoes for a roomful
I get blisters from the slightest friction
When I’m broke, I’ll have them auction
Hoping scales fall from my eyes
I’m not being behind schedule to try
And I should have been aware of earlier
You know, I’m only human and I can err


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