Creative Expressions #12: Abandoned


This house used to be full of life
Boy, this really is very tough
Children shouting, running, playing
River flowing, as they’re growing
Debating on who’s going to use the car
That I’ve got up to here in my ear
Lots of memories that house witnessed
Competing on who’s the artist or the blondest
Then one by one leaving or emptying the nest
My mind reigns supreme, above the rest
Starting to build their very own homes
Now I’m afraid of looming days to come
When our house is fully abandoned
No one there, house being shunned


6 thoughts on “Creative Expressions #12: Abandoned

  1. Very nice. I like that you did a poem for this. Seems so appropriate. A house is a place to remember and a place to make memories. It’s sad to see old houses disappear.
    I forgot to add the “linky link thing” 😉 on my post, but it’s there now. If you get a moment, would you mind adding your link? Thanks, and thanks again for participating.

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