The Challenge – Monday’s Finish the Story


Finish the story begins with: “When it came to a challenge, Jim Smiley just had to jump right in!“

And he did! From Dover, Jim was determined to swim the English Channel. This was in aid of the big charity event for Swimming Relief. The aim was to teach all children, especially in the developing world, how to swim. There was nothing extraordinary about it, except that six months ago, Jim couldn’t swim and was afraid of the water. But he wanted to conquer his fear, hence, the challenge. He asked Tommy to teach him.

It would take him 5 days to reach Calais, and he had a lot of problems on the way. The ruthless coldness of the Channel made him shiver the first day. The third day people did not know whether he could still make it. But Jim had the full support of everyone. Some famous swimmers even swam with him. And he made it! He just reached Calais. Hooray for Jim Smiley!



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