Ready, Set, GO!!!


Ready, set, GO!!!
That’s me always on the go
To somewhere I don’t really know
Somewhere, someday, somehow
Like a ball that keeps rolling
I’ve got to get going or running
You can’t stop me for trying
Once I get going, I’m off
Be it a place, a challenge
A job, an opportunity, a game
It doesn’t really matter, I’m in
But sometimes I have to stop myself
For the world is getting too fast
I’m whirling like a spin and getting dizzy
So I have to take a deep breath and think
Do I really have to be always on the go?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS March 7/15


10 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GO!!!

  1. When one is young, perhaps one has to do,make.. whatever, becasuse one is young, but with years on learns that life mus’t be a rolloing stone…no!! one must take things easier!!!!!
    I almost get crazy rolling!!!!!!!

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