Aswang – Fairy Tale March 13th – “superstition”

You evil Aswang, killing new born and little children
I have to find you but first I need some sort of talisman
You’re such a shape-shifter transforming at night
I’ve just got to save the others with their plight
Sucking their livers and hearts and hiding behind
Despicable you, totally, you’re such a malign
An agimat to repel you, with garlic, crucifix and salt
A person during the day, so I can find you to make you halt
Before you change into a dog, bat, bird, boar or a cat at night
When I see my reflection upside down, I can hit you with a smite
You were vulnerable during day time with blood shot eyes
Oil will boil when you’re near even with your new guise
Oh where are you evil Aswang, I’m ready when you are
Fight till the end, even though it’s weird and bizarre

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