I Can’t Wait To See My Mom – Word Snap Weekly

I can’t wait to see my Mom
In three week’s time, I’m home
To my roots, the Philippines
Where my Mom is waiting
And so are our friends and relatives
We’ll have a big party for everyone
With pancit, bangus, adobo and sinigang
Plus of course, leche flan, ube and suman
We might even hire a band to sing and dance
Can’t wait for it to happen
I’ve got everything planned and booked
We’re going to Hundred Islands for 3 days
Hope we see all the islands in that time
We’ll be island hopping, snorkeling, swimming
Then my Mom and I will go to Puerto Galera
Another island just the two of us, we’ll be pampered
Massaged, manicured and pedicured, plus picnics, too
Then we come back we’ll take my aunt and others
To Las Casas Bataan in one of their old houses
Something cultural, need to know our heritage
After that is time with my friends, to Hidden Valley
And Calatagan where we will have the time of our lives
And so with just two weeks of stay, I’m fully booked
And why not, it’s only once a year I see my Mom
We’ve got to make the most of it! Cheers everyone!


10 thoughts on “I Can’t Wait To See My Mom – Word Snap Weekly

  1. If you really are going to your country the Philippines, I wish you are very happy with Mom, nothing in life as one’s mother. Mine passed away many years ago, but every day I “speak” to her.

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    1. I’m really going to the Philippines to see my Mom, and I can’t hardly wait! She’s the only one left, so we have to make the most of it. And yes, I ring her 2 or 3 times a week. Cheers, Rosa 🙂


  2. What a wonderful time you have planned! But you have to do so much in a short time. I hope you get worn out and tired in the best way possible!! And return home with wonderful memories. 🙂

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