Wordle #203 and Writing Prompt #98


In my sleep I heard voices like wind rustling in the leaves
Sometimes we lose our whole selves in ourselves
They’re at the deck promising sweet things to each other
He asked her to marry her, her visage of pale blur
Tears blurred her vision, she was plagued with emotion
There were talks of wedding, house, new life and children
Glad none born out of wedlock, don’t say such blasphemy
Who fail to see that monkeys in the wild are no enemies
My mouth is getting dry; I can’t keep myself from talking
As I await to say thanks to my Saviour, my King




12 thoughts on “Wordle #203 and Writing Prompt #98

  1. Some dreams can be pleasant… But are others blasphemous just because they retell things we can not understand.
    I would like to believe that at least some dreams are related to all the information I can’t digest when awake. But then I dream of someone who is gone or I haven’t heard from in a long time… and wonder how they can relate to the present.

    Nice how you incorporated the wordle.

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