When I’m Gone – Wordle #52

I’m entering the blockade that separates us
As they charge the heat in this place airless
I could feel the heat surrounding me
I’m trying to compose myself calmly
Burning me and scorching my skin
Probably repenting or paying for my sin
Causing me to cry out wordlessly in pain
You won’t hear me even if I cry in vain
This cremation is part of my dyspathy
Of anything balmy, bawdy or bloody
You know I don’t like fire and heat
Especially when they turn me red beet
But somehow it’s got to be completed
I’m glad that I’m being blessed
So you can have my urn by your side
After all I was your bride, as I sighed
Like an analogue of being here and there
Please don’t forget to say your prayer
Different segments of me being fused
Don’t accuse me of being confused
I’m going back to the basic carbon
We’re together in a moment foregone
I hope my memories won’t be erased
I’ll tell the wind to give you my embrace
I’ll make sure of that by rattling things
Or anything that clings, flings or springs
When I want to relay some messages
From my urn with my ashes
From where I would be to you
Don’t be so blue, my darling
I’ll wait for you


4 thoughts on “When I’m Gone – Wordle #52

  1. I’ll tell the wind to give you my embrace
    I’ll make sure of this by rattling things
    I’m going back to basic carbon
    …hilarious !
    Don’t know if this was you intention…if it wasn’t, just put it down to cultural misunderstanding. Loved this mad poem !

    Liked by 1 person

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