Hanging on Pink Balloons with the Pink Lady

Photo Credits: Beata Cervin
Photo Credits: Beata Cervin

Hello everyone! It’s a lovely day here, hanging on one of the pink balloons with the Pink Lady. Pink Lady, what do you feel?

“Oh hello there, Ladylee, I was just asleep for a minute there. I feel weightless, free and wonderful. Actually, a bit chilly, I should have put on my coat, but then I don’t have a pink coat. It won’t go with the colour scheme. Suffer for fashion, as they say.”

It’s a good thing I came prepared with my coat, scarf and hat. Would you like to borrow my coat?

“Oh no, thanks, Ladylee, it’s not pink either.”

Anyway, Pink Lady where are we going?

“You can call me Pinky, OK? I think they’re taking us to the moon, stars and heaven above.”

Wow, that’s amazing. I always wanted to go to heaven to see the angels.

“Yes, me too. I can dance or sway with the angels and probably try to play one of their harps, Pinky added.

I’ll look for my Dad and tell him how I miss him.

“I still have my Dad. He’s with his third wife now, a glamorous model. You know the type.”

Can you hear that, Pinky? The birds singing and they are repeating a melody. It’s like listening to a concert, birds’ concert.

“Wow, cool! And look at them glide. There’s a couple there, building their nest. And look at the view of the Alps with the lakes – fantastic!”

Yes, there’s Zugspitze – we were there last summer – amazing view from the top.

We went quiet for a while, just enjoying the scenery and feeling ecstatic for this privilege.

Then, Pinky saw her house, so it’s time for goodbyes.

“Nice meeting you, Ladylee.”

The pleasure’s all mine, Pinky, until next time.

So my balloon carried me on until I can see our house and garden. It’s sunny in Bavaria. Him Indoors is waiting for me so we can have our tea.

Have a nice day everyone. Look after yourselves. Until our next trip… bye!


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