Ode to Jessamine – Friday Fictioneers

PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright – Rachel Bjerke
PHOTO PROMPT – © Copyright – Rachel Bjerke

You were such a lovely girl
The first baby in the house
The first daughter, the first niece
The first granddaughter of my Mom
You were our little star on stage
You could sing, dance and perform
You were a darling of everyone
We could still hear your laughter
We could remember your plans
That you would see the world
Just like your aunts and uncles
That you would do well and marry
But you were taken from us so soon
Not even 21 when you left us
You hadn’t started your life yet
Words couldn’t express our loss


The prompt made me write about our niece, who left us too soon. In memory of her, we planted a tree in my aunt’s place in the province, probably full of moss like the one in the photo.


22 thoughts on “Ode to Jessamine – Friday Fictioneers

  1. A beautiful tribute written to her. She looks and sounds like she was a very lovely young woman. Very sad indeed that her life ended so young. May the memories of her flourish with much joy for the years you were blessed with her.

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  2. Without your explanation at the bottom, I feel like the way you said “You haven’t” instead of “You hadn’t” didn’t clarify that she was completely gone, so I would switch that. Other than that, I loved it. You express such love and adoration that is hard to inspire, it obvious that she was greatly loved. I’m sorry for your lost.

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