Family Feast – Challenge 2015 Week 12

Donya Aurora was celebrating her 70th birthday with the family. They were having a quiet family feast, using her silver cutlery, crystal glasses and Wedgewood plates and dishes. The table was elegantly prepared by the butler and the cook, with bronze candlesticks that have been passed on to her by her grandmother. She was very delighted. All her children and grandchildren were there and she was proud of them all.

Bash, the eldest son was the flamboyant lead singer of the famous Mega Quake rock-and-roll band. Fitting with his personality, he was wearing a black trench coat and black combat boots, which he had designed and made for this occasion. His nieces and nephew idolized him.

Mariel, the second one, was the virtuous spinster who went to mass every day without fail. And when she wasn’t in the church, she spent her time in her garden of serenity. She was a meticulous gardener. She was also her mother’s constant companion.

Then there was Concepcion, a single mother of four (Armand, Bernadette, Cathy and Dorothy), with two different fathers. She was now on her virtuous cycle – no alcohol, no smoking and not looking for the third father of her children. (200 words)

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