Spring! 1000 Words + a Picture & Ten Things of Thankful #92

The first day of spring – yay! After witnessing yesterday’s super moon eclipse in Bavaria, I’m feeling very positive about the hope of spring. I hope that winter finally goes away now. We have got enough snow to lasts us a lifetime in the last month or so. I hope that the weather’s getting better. I hope that the day’s getting longer. I hope that the flowers start blooming. Speaking of which, I found some flowers in our garden and yes, they are waking up after their long cold winter sleep.

Even our tortoises are up! Gin, Rex and Nikki are awake from their hibernation since December. They are still inside the house because the weather is not that warm yet, but soon, hopefully very soon, we can put them out in the garden. We have these tortoises since HRH the son was 9, as his present. He loves them! But he has to leave them here with us when he moved to the UK for his studies. He’s going to be 23 in May. He’s got a degree in Psychology and hopefully he’s going to get his Master’s in June. He’s doing a research on dyslexia, being dyslexic himself. We’re so proud of him. Good luck, son!

We’ve just changed the winter tyres to summer tyres yesterday. Normally we changed them ourselves, but this year we took them to the garage to be changed. We’re having a break from hard work. We also sorted our bikes, pump their tyres, put some oil and ride on them again. Yesterday I went to work on my bike. Tomorrow we’re thinking of cycling to our favourite beer garden, the Michaelibad Garden. It’s not so far from our place; it’s got a man-made lake with two tall fountains in the middle, ducks, swans, fishes, etc. We’ll have the first Maß of the year! (Maß is one liter of beer). Prost! Cheers!

Cycling on Sundays is our favourite past time here in Bavaria. It’s so conducive to cycle everywhere, different parks and beer garden, along the River Isar and if we want to challenge ourselves, we put the bikes on a train and cycle in nearby towns and mountains. We also like hiking up the mountains and other nice places around Bavaria – Kampenwand, Eibsee, Tegernsee, Lenggries, Bad Tolz, to name a few.

What else can I say? I’m going home to the Philippines to see my mother. It’s just me for two weeks, Him Indoors staying here in Bavaria. I usually see my mother once a year, but last year I wasn’t able to go to the Philippines because she was visiting my sister in Canada. Anyway, I’m leaving in two weeks’ time and I can’t wait. I’ve got everything booked and planned. My mom is going to throw a big party for me when I arrive, with all our relatives, friends and classmates when I was in school. Then we visit some of the 7,100 islands we have. We’ll start with the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan, then Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Bagac, Bataan, Hidden Valley, then Calatagan, Batangas. I’ve got a full programme ahead of me and I’m sure we’ll all have a great time.

I’m also looking forward to eating some of the Filipino food that I miss – adobo, sinigang, sisig, palabok, dinuguan, Bicol Express, laing, kare-kare, etc. Not to mention all the fresh fish and seafood – daing na bangus, halabos na hipon, lobsters, etc. Don’t forget the desserts – leche flan, ube halaya, suman, halo-halo, etc. Bless my belly or because I’m diabetic – bless my sugar!

Talking of sugar, I’ve got this new medicine from my doctor and it’s working well. Everything seems to be in order. Thank God. I should also start thinking of going back to the gym. I have been ill lately so I stopped going to the gym, but now, there’s no more excuse. I should think of getting fitter, not getting rounder and rounder like a ball, which is what I am now. So, start with the cross trainer for half an hour for warm-up, then either use all the different weight machines or attend one of their classes. I love their zumba, latin moves, body styling; I’m not really good with steps – I can’t follow their moves! Then after that, take a shower and go to their bio sauna for 15 minutes – great life, indeed!

Him Indoors and I have been swimming every Thursday morning, before he goes to work and I do my bits and pieces. We are in the “early swimmers” group, together with all the regular sweet oldies there. They asked us why we were not there, when we miss a week or so. Good to be missed. We also like going to Jacuzzi after the swim. It’s so refreshing, like being on holiday every week.

Talking of holidays, we’ve booked our holidays this year and we’re looking forward to them. After my Philippine trip, my friend C and I are thinking of spending 4 days in Venice in May. We’re taking a train to Venice, book a nice hotel room in the centre and have fun walking and seeing the place. Then, Him Indoors and I are going to the UK to visit HRH the son in Buckingham. We’re visiting his parents in Coventry and we’re also celebrating his birthday there. Then in July we’re attending our niece’s wedding in Frankfurt, so we booked a weekend there. End of August/first week of September, we’ll be in Sicily. I’ve always wanted to go to Sicily. It’s part of my Bucket List. Then my brother in the UK is inviting my mother to visit him there. When my mother is in the UK, I think I’ll spend a couple of weeks with her there. I’ll take her to London and we can see “Miss Saigon” the musical, plus all the other touristic places to see.

I hope I’ve reached 1000 words and I’ve described my ten things of thankful. Good day everyone. Ladylee x

Spring! 1000 Words + a Picture


16 thoughts on “Spring! 1000 Words + a Picture & Ten Things of Thankful #92

  1. I love to travel, so I do hope you’ll share the highlights of all these upcoming trips! Sounds amazing, and I know you’ll have fun back home with your mom and family in the Philippines! Ah, Bavaria, indeed… I’d like to be there, personally. It’s where my grandfather’s hometown is located. I’d love to visit southern Germany and Austria again, soon. Thank you for being the first to enter my 1000 words + a picture event! 🙂

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  2. Wow! Your family is found all over the world! Enjoy your travels, and the food of home. I’m at my parents’ home this week, and am enjoying the foods I grew up with, too.

    I love your attitude about the gym. Equating it to being on holiday is a great way to look at it! I’ll have to rethink my own attitude about exercise!

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  3. I am glad your medication is making you feel good and I am super glad you are going home to visit the Phillipines. Sounds like lots of fun things are coming your way. I saw Miss Saigon on stage in Ogunquit, Maine. What a sad and beautiful story – like Madame Butterfly. Enjoy it, and all your travels. Prost!

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  4. Visiting family and enjoying favorite foods – nothing quite like that! It can really take you back in time. I’m with Kristi on the exercise thing…can’t say I see it quite like a holiday. Going to have to ponder that one a bit!
    Have a great week!

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  5. Welcome to the TToT! I have not read one of your posts before, but your multicultural background is very intriguing! I look forward to reading more! I have Orton-GIllingham training, which is probably something that rings a bell since you have a child (adult) with dyslexia. How wonderful that he is studying in that area! He is exactly who should be! I have loved working with children with dyslexia. I feel we complement each other, and will probably take up the task again some day.

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