A-Z Challenge Blogging Accepted!!!


Hello everyone! It’s quite cold here in Bavaria, but never mind. Hope yours is better. Anyway, I’ve decided to take the A-Z challenge blogging for April. I’m planning to write about some inspirations, i.e. A-Z of inspirations. They could be fiction or non-fiction, poetry or photography, depending on the mood of the day. I hope I’ll be able to make it, as I will be away for a couple of weeks in April. I’ll try to write them earlier and schedule them to be posted on the right dates…well, that’s the plan (I hope I’ll be able to stick to it, hence the challenge!)…

Here are my A-Z of inspirations: aspirations, butterfly, challenges, dialogue, Easter, future, garden, hello, ice-cream, journey, kill joy, love, mother, nothing, ordinary, Philippines, questions, rain, spring, treasure, unknown, violets, wanted, xenophobia, Yanna and Zoe.

Cheers for now and have a great week ahead.

Ladylee x


Welcome to the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal Blogfest 2015


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