Fairy Tale 27th March 2015 – A New World


A whole new world for us
What happened to the old one?
It came to halt by man’s greed
Over-polluted and over-populated
Over-industrialised and selfish people
No one cared for others, just themselves
Too much money for the few, the rest starved
Until the old world cannot be sustained anymore
Now we are given a new chance to redeem ourselves
Hoping we have learned our lessons and try to amend
Something like a reincarnation to a new world
Where we could be anything like a bird
Or a bee or any creature we like
And we try to live in harmony
With the rest of the species
Whatever they may be
Whoever they are
Got the same right
Of being in this
New world!


6 thoughts on “Fairy Tale 27th March 2015 – A New World

  1. It would be so nice if we learn our lessons today and created our new world her and now. You paint such a clear picture of the reality of our world on the verge of destroying ourselves in so many ways, and the new world we can create if we try.

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