C Is For Challenge – #AtoZChallenge


how many Cs can we come up for this challenge?
create with culinary – cherries, coffee, cake, custard
cucumber, chocolate, candy, celery, cabbage, carrot
clothes we wear – coat, cashmere scarf or cardigan
cosmetics, cloak, costumes – can you consider others?
things I like – my charming car, cousins, concert, cash
comb, coiffure; smile – you’re on candid camera!
how about countries – Canada, Czech Republic
Cameroon, Chad, Cambodia, Congo, Colombia
any comment so far? I love cycling in the city
going to classical concerts, singing in a choir
chatting with chums, having coffee with colleagues
cherish time with cousins, classmates and companions
perhaps go clubbing with cosmopolitan and cocktails
cooking curry with chutneys, carrots and cucumbers
cinema is always good especially comedy or crimes
come again? I like to have a cozy cottage in the country
eating cream crackers with cheese, I can carry on and on
but I think we can conclude now….cheers for now, champs!





Charlie, corny comedian comes from Coventry commented casually on construction of converted colliseum to concert chamber.



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