Places I’ve Visited – #sundayphotofiction

I used to live in L.A., rode my bike to work
I had a great time, didn’t need to guesswork

NY, New York, my friend Dedette lives there
A very busy place, lots of experience to share

San Francisco, fun at our high school reunion
Stayed at the Hilton and had a posh luncheon

San Diego, we went to see Shamu at Sea World
Boyet promised us it’s magical like a dream world

Philadelphia, went to visit Dessa but I was ill
Such a shame because I missed all the thrill

Washington, DC got rained at the White House
Spent most of our time in their coffeehouse

Maine, I always wanted to go for their crabs
Cristy voiced out they’re there for the grabs

Virginia, Dinah and family said come and visit
I will because they guaranteed some buffet

Seattle, Ate Esther’s always waiting for us
We said we’ll wait till we have a congress

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