R Is For Rain – #AtoZChallenge

partnachklamm 012

one Sunday morning
soaking wet in Partnacklamm
we wanted to walk

partnachklamm 014

am I soaked or what?
persistent rain, roaring winds
soaked with contentment


I woke up and saw this – rain! The sky is grey and wet. I might as well go back in my cozy bed…


raindrops in Bali
different umbrellas opened
climbing the temple

honour and worship
grey clouds, coloured umbrellas
connect with nature


He was not going to allow the cold
Wind-driven rain to change his plans

His pretzels are musty; his longings are old
But only rearward with mushrooms in his flan

To draw upon the power within, to shatter the source
Of all his strife eating the cream cheese of his life

He wants to go to where no one has been
He´s never going to be what I have been

When he whispers whilst alone in his room
One sad soul destined for gloom and doom




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