Ten Things of Thankful #97

I have just arrived from my holiday in the Philippines. I spent two weeks visiting my mother, going to different islands, eating Filipino food that I have missed and seeing some friends and relatives. I had fun! I love the nature in the Philippines, the 7,100 islands we have, the warm climate, the sunrise, sunset, birds singing, flowers and plants, mountains and other natural resources. Here are some photos – hope you like them!


The hotel had some functions during the day and when they were finished they threw the balloons to the waiting children. It was fun to watch them.


I flew from Manila to Singapore, and then Singapore to Munich, so I was very tired from the long travel. However, I’ll tell you more about my holiday in the Philippines with varying things, experience and fun. I was very happy to see my Mom, but she had an accident three hours after I’ve arrived. She broke her wrist so we stayed two days in the hospital. They’ve re-aligned her wrist and put fibre glass casting on her left arm. The next day, we had a party for 50 people in our house, with fiesta food, live band music for everyone. Some of my friends, reatives, colleagues, former classmates from school came. It was fun!

For two weeks, we went to varying islands, the first ones were the Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. There were 6 of us and we had fun island hopping, swimming, eating Filipino food and drinking wine. The two kids Yanna and Zoe, as well as the 4 adults had a very enjoyable experience. We stayed there for 3 days.

Next, I went to Puerto Galera, Mindoro with my Mom and her PA, Tessie. The place was amazing, our room was on the top of a hill so my Mom and Tessie had a bit of a struggle in climbing up. But they didn’t mind, it was also a fun experience. We walked along the beach, saw the sun rise, sunset, waves, boats, snorklers, divers, etc. during our stay. We also ate a lot of fish and other sea food.

The next weekend, we travelled to Las Casas, Bagac, Bataan. There were 11 of us, me, Mom, Tessie, Amy and Yanna, Tita Dulce and my friends Beng, Suzie, Edgar, Edrica and Fer. We rented a big, old house with 2 bedrooms, a big living room and we had fun swimming in the sea and seeing all the old houses which were renovated to fit in this nostalgic place.

Next we went to Hidden Valley and Stilts, Calatagan, Batangas. I’ve taken varying photos of street scenes, food, flowers, nature, adventure. I was very, very happy!!!



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