My Mom and I – Mondays Finish the Story


Finish the story begins with: “Are you laughing at me?“

There she was, my mother, still with humour while smelling the orchids I gave her.

“Yes, Mom, it was funny. For the sake of vanity, you broke your wrist.” And we laughed again.

I have just arrived three hours ago from Germany. I was looking forward to this holiday. Everything was planned and booked. The manicurist arrived and we were going to have our nails painted. My Mom went to her room, looking for her favourite nail polish. It was on top of her wardrobe, so she climbed on the chair to get it.

We heard her shout and found her slumped on the floor. We took her to the hospital, they x-rayed her left wrist and found that it was broken into pieces. They have re-aligned it and put a fibre glass cast. So, the first two days of my holiday were spent in the hospital. We laughed together.
(150 words)


15 thoughts on “My Mom and I – Mondays Finish the Story

  1. I love your story! Did this really happen with the nail polish? Well done in any case. Thanks for writing again for the MFtS challenge and stay tuned for the upcoming post! Be well…. ^..^

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  2. So glad it wasn’t more serious, although a broken arm is serious enough when all you wanted to do was paint your nails! You’ll have to write all over her plaster cast to make up for it. Hope she gets well soon.

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    1. Cheers, Sally 🙂 I think 2 more weeks with the cast and a couple of weeks of therapy – she’ll be up and about again! And she still gets manicured (the right hand) and pedicured hehehe….


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