W Is For Waiting – #AtoZChallenge

Waiting, waiting for something to happen
Don’t just start the wheel of fortune
All day long, there must be something going on
The cheerleader girl is good with her baton
This way or that way, wherever I go, I’m sure
To the beach on the peaceful blue azure
Something great is bound to happen
As majestic as the Grand Canyon
Just wait and see, meanwhile why not
Please don’t give up and be distraught
Do something productive or fun
Play the lottery, you have just won
While waiting for something to come
Like cheery blossoms which are awesome
If you do so, it won’t be too long to wait
Keep at it, you might even lose weight
And I’m sure you’ll forget without it
Meanwhile why don’t you knit a mitt?
Because you’re busy having a life
All the fun with wildlife and nightlife

Waiting at the doctor’s, do I really want to know?
And they took me away as I screamed “no!no!”
Go to school and get good grades if you want to
Kind of like having a cold and a flu
Time could be fast, time could be slow
And looking harder, I found a burr
Granny baking a cake with a dough
Cat can’t wait, you hear from her purr

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