Ten Things of Thankful #98

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all OK. It’s that time again when we are grateful for the things that happened to us. I always look forward to this. To start with, spring is here in Bavaria, and we are experiencing lovely weather. Apple and cherry blossoms are all over, birds singing, flowers waking up. nature9

It’s HRH the son’s birthday today – yay! 23 today, wow, time really flies. I can still remember when he came to this world, a bit premature at 33 weeks, we weren’t prepared! But he wanted to be here sooner and we welcomed him with joy. Cheers, our son, we’re so proud of you!


We’re going to Britain next month to celebrate Him Indoor’s birthday and to see HRH the son. Looking forward to it! I have also just booked another trip in September. My mother is being invited by my brother in Coventry and she’s going to be in Britain for 4 months. Hence, I’m flying there to see her. I’ll take her to London for some shopping and sight-seeing. float1

Just finished the A-Z challenge and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. I had to be organised as I was on holiday for 3 weeks, i.e. scheduled the post every day. Having said that, what’s next? I started blogging again, writing/musing/photographing, etc. and I’m enjoying it. Cheers everyone for reading my posts.float

My Mom’s left hand is getting better. Just two more weeks in the cast and then she’s going to have some sort of therapy. Keep it up, Mom! bittersweet

Just had some sushi for lunch. It was delicious! Met some friends here, happy to see them again and we talked for hours. Nice to be back! 2015 014

Just when I was settling down again, we started planning our next holiday. Life is a bliss, right? We’re going to Sicily last week in August/first week of September; then Britain for 9 days. Then, HRH the son is coming here for Oktoberfest, together with some friends for a week. Somehow, we can fit in our Venice trip sometime… cheers! shore

We celebrated Him Indoor’s 25 years of service at work! I can’t believe we have been in Bavaria for 25 years, too! It’s home for us three and we have lovely memories and experiences here. Meanwhile, I’ll let Him Indoor watch his cricket or rugby or football. Which one is it today? A man watching football on television

The weather is really lovely. Our tortoises are settling down in the garden. Him Indoor has made their enclosure bigger with all the luxury of spoiled pets!

Gin & Rex
Gin & Rex

Looking forward to enjoying spring – cycling to different parks and beer gardens, being out and about, walking/hiking to some hills and mountains, depending on the weather, picnic, swimming in the lake, etc. cropped-cropped-flowers.jpg

Last but not the least, here’s to all of you, fellow bloggers. May your days be merry and bright. Cheers for now and take care. Love, Ladylee x glass2



20 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful #98

  1. Congrats on getting through the A to Z challenge! I didn’t have it in me to do it (maybe another year!) – but it was fun to watch so many bloggers do so.

    Happy birthday to your son, hurray for sushi and loved the beautiful flower photos!

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  2. The challenge was a challenge. I so want to visit Italy in the next few years. And London. Who doesn’t love London? Sounds like life is really great for you. Enjoy!

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  3. I scheduled some of the posts for the A to Z challenge ahead of time, too, though I wasn’t on vacation as long as you were. Happy birthday to your son!

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  4. I am always amazed at how people who live in Europe pop over to a different country like it was nothing! I guess it’s like us traveling to a different state, only way cooler.

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  5. What a happy post! So much traveling and family fun!
    Can’t say I’ve ever known of someone to have a tortoise as a pet, let alone two of them! Nice. 🙂

    Spring is delightful, isn’t it?

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