The Dragon Lady – Picture Prompt #9


First, her glass of champagne wasn’t chilled enough, then she demanded to be in the window seat when her ticket said otherwise. She hasn’t been in the plane long but she seemed to be creating such a mayhem. The stewards tried to be polite and catered to her caprices, but she was rude to them. She complained about the turbulence: “I didn’t expect to have turbulence in the First class.” She won this ticket in a lottery and she thought this was how they act. She didn’t know that her actions made it obvious that she’s no lady. She’s a dragon!

A dragon lady, that’s for sure
And she hasn’t even started her liqueur
She roars and growls, combination of both
Makes her victims reluctant or loath
If she’s just a little miffed, she’ll hiss
Anticipating a knight’s entry and his kiss
If she’s rudely awoken from slumber
She’ll make a deafening roar and not purr
She can be friendly or she can be ferocious
Depends on her mood, such a good actress!

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