A Sunny Day in our Garden – Our World Tuesday

Hello everyone! I’m Ladyleemanila and it’s my first time to join your meme. I’m sharing with you some photos of our garden. Today was a lovely day, 31 degrees! We spent most of the time in the garden, had a grill, drink and talked. We have a lot of flowers, ferns, apple blossom, grape vine, herbs, tortoises, Ganesha, Inca man and Thai Buddha. Hope you like the photos. Thanks and see you around, Ladylee x

IMGP1286 IMGP1285 IMGP1279

IMGP1277 IMGP1276 IMGP1273

IMGP1269 IMGP1250

IMGP124920150508_134051 20150508_194608

20150508_194544 20150508_194537 20150508_185532

20150508_185508 20150508_190738 gin


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