Happy Father’s Day! – Nurturing Thursday and Tale Weaver #13 – Heroes


Hello there! It’s a holiday here in Bavaria – Ascension Day and at the same time – Father’s Day. So here’s a poem I wrote to all fathers out there. Hope you like it. Happy Father’s Day!!!

It’s Father’s Day and so we must celebrate
One day in a life of the men in our lives
They work, they play and they do some sports
They spend a lot of time in front of the telly
Watching football, documentaries or histories
How about computer games? Ah, that, too!
Not everyone, but some of them do
Simulated flying, cars crashing, golf
What else do they do? Think, think, think
They love that, too, thinking and pondering
Pottering in the garden, that’s a good one
Finding things to repair around the house
Helping children do the homework
Giving a hand to the stressed out wife
Cooking, doing the groceries, mowing lawns
But most of all, being there when we need them
Our super heroes, our fathers, husbands and friends
So here’s just to say, thanks for everything
We love you to the moon and back!!!

A man watching football on television dad.me

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unaware4 shadow5 odd4

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15 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day! – Nurturing Thursday and Tale Weaver #13 – Heroes

  1. A nice tribute to the important men in our lives ~~ in the US, we celebrated Mother’s Day this past Sunday (10th) and we celebrate Father’s Day in June. It is interesting to learn the customs worldwide … Happy Father’s Day to the men in your life and area! Thank you for linking and sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

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