Ten Things of Thankful ONE HUNDRED


Happy ONE HUNDREDth week of the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop – hip, hip, hurray!!! All the best to the TToT – cheers!

I’m really grateful for all the things happening to me and my family.

HRH the son is going to finish his Master’s this year, in fact, by next month, he’s done with the experimental part. He just needs to analyse and write up his results. One final hurdle and he’s going to reach the finish line. Good luck, son and we’re so proud of you! 20140322_145455

My Mom’s wrist is getting better. The cast is gone and she’s just undergoing some therapy 3x a week. She’ll be able to use her left arm soon. mommy

She’s also going to Britain soon, at the end of June until the middle of October. She’s looking forward to it.
My brother also plans some trips for my mother and his kids. They are flying to Gibraltar in July for a week. Plus when the kids are already on holiday, they are going to Wales and Scotland. 253890_10151189216632021_525796911_n

We’re flying to Britain next month to celebrate Him Indoor’s birthday, also to visit HRH the son.
We’re going to Sicily in August. Him Indoor’s parents are coming to visit us here in Bavaria. Looking forward to cycling and walking to the mountains with them, or just relaxing in the garden when the weather’s nice. We can even have some grills. IMGP1290

I’m flying to Britain in September to see my mother. My friend N is also going with me. Then, we’ll take my Mom to London to see Miss Saigon, plus do all the tourist bits. achievement7

HRH the son plus the GF and another friend, I think their Indonesian friend are coming here for Oktoberfest. They have booked their flights and we’re looking forward to having them with us. It will be fun!


I know it’s still a long way – but we have booked our flight and holiday to the Philippines in February. It’s going to be our 30th wedding anniversary next year and we’re celebrating it the whole year! So this holiday in the Philippines is just the start. achievement2

Aside from the Philippines, we’re also going to Singapore and Cambodia – how cool is that? We’re going to visit Him Indoor’s brother plus family in Singapore, then go and see Angkor Wat temples in Siem Riep. Looking forward to it. building2 - Bali

I hope you’re all well. Take care everyone!


22 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful ONE HUNDRED

  1. I get so jealous when I read of all your travels! Such interesting places! Glad your mom is better. How awful not to be able to use your arm!

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  2. Oh, so many wonderful trips to look forward to! Have a wonderful time. 30 years of marriage most certainly deserves a year of celebrating!

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