Barney and Carmina – Bookends

Select a book and pick two chapters at random. Take the first line of one chapter and the last line of the other chapter and write a short story using those as bookends to your story.

My book: Doctors by Erich Segal, Chapters 10 and 34


Barney was struck by the swiftness of what followed. Three months ago, he was revising to take his A-Level exams. He worked hard for it, thinking that his future depended on the results of the exams. He already got a reply from the first and second universities of his choice that they would take him, provided he reached the required grades. He was thinking of taking Engineering.

Then, there was Carmina who came to him one day telling him about her problem and asking for his help. Carmina is also doing her A-Levels this year and wants to do Chemistry at the university. They have been friends since they were in their primary years. Carmina said that she thinks she’s pregnant but she doesn’t want Mathew to know about it. In the first place, they were not together anymore. He has got a new girlfriend, Nerissa.

Barney and Carmina thought of some way to get rid of the baby. They’ve searched the internet for some refutable clinics which could perform the operation. They were really nervous about it because they knew the risks involved. They have put together what cash they had to pay for the operation. Carmina said she’s got some savings from her part-time job she does at the library. Barney also has got some savings from the money that was given to him for his birthdays and Christmases.

The weekend when they were set to go to the clinic, Carmina knocked at his door and was beaming with happiness. “Let’s go for a walk first.” When they were few blocks from his house, she announced: “Guess what, Barney, we don’t have to go, I was just delayed and it came this morning. Could you believe it, we’re spared!” They both heaved a sigh of relief and started talking about their future. After another few blocks of high-spirited conversation, Barney realised, “now, I really know what euphoric means.”

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