Pyjamas Day – Tale Weaver # 14: Holidays


A day not like the others, a day no need to change clothes
No need to be smart or put make-up on, just our nightclothes
Pyjamas all day, whether a onesie, a designer silk dressing gown
When we’re feeling rundown and just needed to slowdown
On-trend animal print pyjamas, satin shorty and sexy lingerie
It could be a weekday or a weekend, as long as not a doomsday
When it doesn’t really matter what time we decide to wake up
Before pressure builds up from daily activities, avoiding crack up
Take it easy day, be as lazy as a sloth, as in hardly move, so cool
And when we feel like it later, perhaps relax in a whirlpool
A day to chillax, as what the young people say nowadays
Watching television all day, saying all their catchphrase
Perhaps in the middle of winter when it’s so cold, we can have it
Lingering around the house, exchanging titbit until moonlit
Just keeping ourselves warm and cosy, wearing pyjamas all day
Let’s have pyjamas day, we all deserve it and it’s going to be okay

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