Zero to Hero – Writing Prompt #109 “Zero”


I know a lot of “zero to hero” stories. It just means that it doesn’t matter who we are, whether we were born rich or poor, different colour, culture, religion, status, etc. Success will come (subjectively speaking) if we are determined or motivated enough to be someone in this world.

One story that came to my mind was this student who didn’t have enough money for her fare home in the evening. There was a homeless man who saw her and asked what her problem was. She told him and he gave her what was in his pocket, so she could go home. The student was so touched by his gesture. As soon as she got home, she rang some friends and told them about the homeless man. They have agreed to organise a charity event at the university so they could help this man, i.e. find him a house and probably a job so he could live properly.

Or the boy who lived in a small village but passionate about playing football, so he played football even in bare feet. He was so talented that someone saw him play and offered to train him professionally, but he had to go to another country or a different place to be trained. He’s now one of the famous football player.

2 thoughts on “Zero to Hero – Writing Prompt #109 “Zero”

  1. lovely ladylee and there are lovely tales such as yours and they take shape in so many ways…….often the hero is someone doing something that in your eyes amounts to a hero but in their eyes is just what they do.

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