What a Storm! – Write Now!


Today’s Prompt:

The weather forecast called for storms, the clouds were rolling in…
but he just didn’t think it was actually going to rain.

No he wasn’t expecting some thunder nor lightning
Wind blowing, clouds rolling in, someone drowning
He didn’t believe that storm will be here so soon
His birthday today, house with streamers festooned
He couldn’t believe all his plans will be postponed
All the food, drinks, cake – wasted, he groaned
And when the storm came, even apes want raincoats
We need motorboats, paddles, as everything floats
It lifted the seas, loosened acres, filled the wells
Seducing, like an overwhelming, centrifugal Jezebel
Torrential downpour, chirruped in the road, such sound
All these sights and sounds left him dumbfounded
So windy he could see some roofs and trees flying
Party’s definitely postponed – no singing and dancing

Write Now Prompt for June 2, 2015

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