HRH the Son – Five Minute Friday : Gift


HRH the son is the best gift we’ve ever had. From the time he was born and now at 23, he’s still our precious one, and the only one. We’re always proud of him and we wish him all the best. Cheers, our son!

HRH the son

The time really goes so fast
We can still remember all the years
His first words that gave us cheers
The first time he crawls and walks
The first time he rode his bicycle
His first day of school with a big bag
Karate, music, choir, kung-fu, guitar
When we reminisce them they bring tears

snow 023

From primary years to senior years
He was showing some independence
Lots of friends, loves Maths and Science
Learns to drive, happy to have his license
Friends stayed overnight and had fun
Activities in school, soon time to leave
To another country to have his degree
We surely miss him but we had to let him go


Happy we all are
When the son rang and said
She said yes and soon they be wed
Gave her a charming sapphire ring
Lovely in her hands so they go-ahead
Eventually they said, there’s no rush
They both have to finish their Masters
Find a job, get a house, plan their future


We are happy, Him Indoor and I
We can feel the son is so happy
We are happy he found his Sweetie
She’s very lovely, we all agree
They can plan their future, all coolly
We’re happy to share with you all
Something positive and exciting
The world is wonderful and brightly

five minute friday :: gift

8 thoughts on “HRH the Son – Five Minute Friday : Gift

  1. What lovely memories of raising your son! I’m in the early years yet, and sometimes I fear that when he’s all grown up all he’ll the remember is the hard rather than the good. I hope I have as good a relationship with my sons as you have with your son.

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    1. we always think we’re not ready, but when it’s time, we’ve got to let them go. Yes, it would be hard at first, but it’s the best gift we can give them, their time to show that they can do it! take care always, Elizabeth 🙂


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