Thomas – Journal Monday Prompt #9 and Wordle #64

This week’s fun words: Cartilage Paint Session Atomize (to reduce to fine particles or spray) Denouement (the final resolution of the intricacies of a plot, as of a drama or novel) Handle Cue Lapse Cocktail Paramnesia (a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasy are confused) Mizzle (misty rain) Column


Thomas has had a car accident. It was a severe one and his knees were damaged and the cartilages were removed. He has to learn how to walk with crutches. Aside from that, he suffered from paramnesia, a distortion of memory where his facts and fantasies are confused in his mind. Sometimes, his memory lapses. He doesn’t trust anyone which atomizes society and diminishes his range of human experience.

To help Thomas handle his condition, he has a regular therapeutic session with Dr. Smith. He was given a cocktail of medicine for the pain and depression. He started going back to work, where he writes a column in a magazine. As the months went by, he carried on with his life, even went back to his hobby – painting! But sometimes, he would stop in the middle of something and could not remember what he was doing.

Cue: weather changing. It was mizzling steadily, like the stillness that comes with Cornish mizzle. Thomas met Claire in one of the parties he attended. They talked that evening and found out that they have a lot in common. She’s an artist. Perhaps, this is the sunset after the storm, that life could be beautiful again after the accident, after the treatment and therapy. There’s nothing like seeing two improbably beautiful people fall in love, perhaps fight and reach a story’s denouement together.

13 thoughts on “Thomas – Journal Monday Prompt #9 and Wordle #64

  1. Oh wow LadyLee! This is beautiful and works so well with both prompts… I love that even though Thomas has memory issues from the accident that he isn’t afraid to reach out for love!

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