Earthquake – Write Now! and Three Words, Day 160

Day 160 words – lifting, bites, impressive, implode, following


Today’s Prompt:

The store clerk looked suspiciously at the money as the shopper handed it to him.

To be sure, Anton checked the money through the scanner. It was OK, not fake. He was impressed, provided the shopper the following items he wanted – beers, crisps, some magazines and sweets. Anton then gave the shopper his change and wished him a good day. The shopper went out with his stuff.

All of a sudden, an earthquake occurred. Anton was unprepared, the whole shop seemed to be rocking. The window to his left arched inwards, then imploded in a spray of matted glass. Thanked God he was spared and was able to move away from that damaged part.

Soon it was calm again. He checked the shop, lifted some items from the floor, swept the debris caused by the earthquake, went out and had something to eat, a bite or so. He was still a bit shocked.

Write Now Prompt for June 9, 2015

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