Our Fish Tank – 17th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week of 06-10-2015

Please note: This was not the original prompt photo. For some reason, I can not add new photos for my blogging, I just used what I had in my library. Sorry about this, Ladylee x

Our fish tank has been with us since HRH the son was 8. He loved this tank, spent hours and hours looking at the fishes, talking to them. We used to go and choose new fishes from the shop, get them used to the water in the tank and slowly introduced them to the ones already in. He never forgot to feed them and from time to time, gave them fresh treats. Every time we had some visitors, the son would first show them his prized fish tank. Soon, it was time for him to leave our nest to study in another country. By that time, he had other interests aside from the fish. I had to do the cleaning and the feeding. We didn’t buy new fish anymore. Now, there are only 2 fishes in the tank. It’s like a paradise for them, this huge fish tank for two. (150 words)


20 thoughts on “Our Fish Tank – 17th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Week of 06-10-2015

  1. A nice, nostalgic story, with echoes of the sadness that many parents feel once their children have ‘flown the nest’. Although it only has two fish in it now, the tank serves to keep the memories alive of the days when the son took great pride in it.

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