Cheating on People – 30 Day Blog Challenge and Wordle 189

Wordle 189 – harvest, splendour, secular, able, rattle, breeze, skin, bent gaze, gathering, scattered, plain

2015 006

My secular attitude to cheating – please don’t
You can’t flaunt it, and forever you’ll be haunt
It just rattles your brain and you won’t be able to sleep
Bending rules is quite cheap and you’ll end up with weep
Will keep you gazing at the ceiling with scattered thoughts
And end up with head full of eccentric ideas of crackpots
It’s plain to see, it’s not worth all the glory and splendour
It’s not even honourable or dignified, being a cross bearer
You harvest what you sow so just enjoy the cool breeze
You won’t displease anyone and your mind will be at ease
Good for your skin thus gather your strength to be good
Perhaps one day they’ll give you your knighthood
What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander
You asked me about cheating and that’s my answer

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