Our Wedding Anniversary – Nurturing Thursday

A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.
by Paul Sweeney


This week we are celebrating our 29th Wedding Anniversary – yay!!! We’re going to a posh Greek restaurant to celebrate it, the two of us! Then next week we are flying to the UK to celebrate it with HRH the son with K, as well as my brother with his kids and Him Indoors’ parents.

Wow, how time flies! To think that when we started we were both students or trainees, had moved from a studio in Birmingham, a maisonette with Mrs. Booth in Nottingham (we were on the top floor and every week we played cards with Mrs. Booth, bless her soul), a flat in Ramersdorf, a split house in Unterhaching, now a terrace house with a garden in the south of Munich. HRH the son was born two years after we moved to Germany and we have been living here for the last 25 years.

We’ve gone through thick and thin, through being fit and healthy to all the illneses and now trying to be as healthy as possible. We’ve cried together, laughed a lot, sometimes ignored each other, accepted each other with all our quirks and idiosyncracy, had a lot of tiffs, and so on. But at the end of it, we’re best mates, soul mates if there are such things and we don’t mind spending the rest of our lives together. Cheers everyone and thanks for letting us share our wedding anniversary with all of you. Take care everyone ❤


10 thoughts on “Our Wedding Anniversary – Nurturing Thursday

  1. How exciting!! Congratulations and have a lovely dinner and a great trip to Blighty – the weather’s great today and tomorrow and then rain… I hope it’s sunny again by the time you arrive 😀 x

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